Ahegao - アヘ顔

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Ahegao – アヘ顔


Ahegao is made up of Ahe (アヘ), which is often used as a sound of panting, and Kao (顔), which literally means face. When combined, the word is pretty much used to describe a very specific type of expression.

Ahegao Traits:


As mentioned, Ahegao is used to describe a very specific kind of expression which usually includes a couple of the traits below:

■ Rolled Back Eyes     ■ Open Mouth (Tongue – optional)
■ Some sort of bodily fluid including but limited to Mucus, Drool, Semen etc.
■ Flushed Cheeks

Origins & Evolution:

The term itself picked up popularity in the 2000’s, but the term dates back to the 90’s where it was used specifically by adult film companies and magazines to refer to adult actresses’ “face of pleasure” during intercourse.

In the 2000’s an increase Ahegao appearance in the hentai lead to rapid awareness of the term and ultimately leaking out to the general public. Due to this, the term, or the actual Ahegao face, was something is sometimes used or seen outside of its original sexual content, from cosplayers posing with the specific face to its appearance in series like “No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!”.

Over the years, the actual Ahegao face has also had a trend of their own. Different time periods would have a slight difference in the traits. Initially, the trend was to have more subtle features and traits, but as time went on, like a fetish, the trends became more excessive, from the increased presence of bodily fluids to more tongue etc..

Western Interpretation:

The western interpretation of Ahegao is generally a weird face. The term is mostly used in reference to hentai. Occasionally, Ahegao works also include English tags catering to English speakers, including “f*cked_silly” and “rolleyes”.

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