Line x Aidis: Mobile MMORPG Guardians is ready for download

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Developed by Line and Aidis, mobile MMORPG Guardians (ガーディアンズ) comes out today.


Guardians is a huge project supervised by the maker of Brave Frontier – Hayakashi Hisatoshi, with music provided by legendary Japanese composer Tetsuya Komuro. Branded as an “entry level” MMORPG friendly to newcomers, it provides a world mode where players can join up for an adventure as well as a quest mode where players can go solo. Each map has three difficulties for players to advance.

There are eight jobs to choose from: Soldier, ranger, priest, wizard, bishop, Sorcerer, Gladiator, Rogue. Sample gameplay can be seen below.


All pre-registration miles have already been reached. Players will get the rewards listed below.

30,000: Crystal x300
50,000: Crystal x450
100,000: Crystal x600
150,000: Crystal x750
200,000: Crystal x900
300,000: Limited edition accessory

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