Gamevil's mobile MMORPG Royal Blood comes out today

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Gamevil’s mobile MMORPG Royal Blood, also dubbed Lord of Royal Blood in Japan, finally comes out today after two years of development.

Royal Blood

Royal Blood is known for near-PC graphics powered by Unity. It provides smooth gameplay even though it accommodates as many as 140 players (70 vs 70) in a single battle. Whether it is transition from solo missions to cooperative raids, or from one place to another, the experience is seamless and convenient to players.

Royal Blood

Royal Blood

Royal Blood

The developer highlights some key features below.

Choose Your Class

■ Warrior: Charge and Defend
■ Ranger: Dual Pistol Wield and Crossbow
■ Mage: Flame and Frost
■ Bard: Melodic Destruction and Blessed Song

Master Your Gameplay

■ Unleash class-specific attacks!
■ Utilize Switch Skillsets efficiently to show its true potential

Evoke your endless desire for growth

■ Enhance your character and skills
■ Upgrade your equipment


■ Prove your strengths at the 3:3 PVP Arena!
■ Team up with users worldwide and reveal your ultimate strategy


■ Join others in real time Raid battles!
■ Explore the open field by completing main Missions and Flash Quests
■ Challenge yourself at the Tower of Infinity!


■ Aslan or Harmion? Choose your Realm and participate in the ultimate 70 vs 70 RvR battle. Fight for glory!
■ Dominate the battlefield by conquering enemy’s base

Enjoy exclusive lifestyle content

■ Gather various materials by fishing, collecting, and mining
■ Craft useful items such as food, potions, and order forms

It is now available in English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Thai.

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