KLab Launches Pre-Registration For New Mobile Game "Magatsu Warheit"

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During their special collaboration live stream on 7th June, Klab announced that their upcoming mobile title, Magatsu Warheit, will kick off its pre-registration today (8th June)!

Magatsu Warheit is a mobile MMORPG with a rich story. The game is set in a world with a prophecy which depicts that one day, 10 beams of light will pierce the earth, announcing the end of the world. The humans have struggled to prevent this event from taking place. The story revolves around a mobile unit, the only thing that stands between the light and the destruction of the world. Players will play as a new recruit joining the mobile unit.



Game System

The game will support up to four-player co-op. Even without a full team, players will be able to join other players participating in the same stage. the height of the game’s combat revolves around an “Awaken” mechanic which allows player’s characters to temporarily gain extra strength to unleash more damage. Players are able to choose to join one of the following teams and use their respective weapons.

Warrior: Broadsword
Knight: Shield
Priest: Book
Hunter: Edge
Wizard: Rod
Gunner: Gun


Pre-Registration Rewards

10,000 Reached: 5 Gems (Summon x1)
30,000 Reached: In-game Equipment
50,000 Reached: In-game Weapon
70,000 Reached: Special MMD Character Skin
100,000 Reached: 電脳少女シロ Collaboration Event (Japanese Male Virtual YouTuber Baacharu may also appear in the game!)

Additionally, for every 10,000 players reached in the pre-registration, all players will receive five additional gems (max. 50)

Twitter Re-Tweet Event

Asides from the pre-registration event, there will also be an ongoing re-tweet event on the game’s official Twitter which will give fans a chance to win autograph boards!

15-seconds Pre-Registration PV

Official Site

Official Twitter

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