Tokyo Conception Pre-Registration Reaches Over 200K! Voice Cast Reveal!

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UNITED, Inc.’s latest mobile title, Tokyo Conception (東京コンセプション), has reached over 200k pre-registered players! As a result of the pre-registration milestone, all players will receive 1,700 gems when the game launches!

Tokyo Conception


The game’s theme revolves around the friendship between humans and ayakashi.

When searching for his missing childhood friend, Sosuke arrived at a place that laid deep in his memory. There he finally found her.

Suddenly, the world changed. He was surrounded by monsters. Amid the sound of flesh and blood, he heard – “My master is mine to protect!”.

Since then, Sosuke is accompanied and protected by Tamamo, a beautiful, powerful female ayakashi. Together, they push through infinite battles…

Aditionally, an official manga for the game has been created!

Poll Voice Cast Reveal

On 17th May, during a live stream, the game announced that they will be holding a poll for voice actors/actresses in which the most voted voice actor/actresses will be selected to voice characters from the game. Winners as seen below.

■ Nanami (名波 翼)

■ Hipo (ひぽー)

Tokyo Conception PV


Tokyo Conception

0: Gem x250 – Complete
30,000: Gem x300 – Complete
50,000: Gem x400 – Complete
70,000: Gem x500 – Complete
100,000: Gem x900 – Complete
150,000: Gem x1,300 – Complete
200,000: Gem x1,700 – Complete
150,000: Gems 2,100
300,000: Gem x2,500

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