Maplus+Kanojo - Kodansha's location-based dating sim launches in September

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A crossover project by Edia and manga publisher Kodansha, mobile simulation title Maplus+Kanojo (マップラス+カノジョ) has been rescheduled to launch in September this year. Pre-registration begins today.


Originally named Maplus++ and set for release in Spring 2018, Maplus+Kanojo is a location-based dating sim developed by Edia, written by Kodansha, and illustrated by Kyoto Animation’s Yukiko Horiguti. The main gameplay is made up of stories, dating, and going around places in real life to trigger events/collect items.



The 13 female characters are voiced by well-known voice actresses such as Ayane Sakura and Maya Uchida.


Players take the role of an university student working as an assistant to a scientist. A mysterious disease has taken over Japan. Those who cannot process a massive amount of information will go into coma. Players’ job is to help female patients by collecting Memory’s Kakera.


10,000: Stamina item x5
50,000: Luck item x5
100,000: Memory’s Kakera increase item x5
500,000: Macaron for girls x5
200,000: Assist item x5
300,000: Cake for girls x5


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