LINE Announces New "Quick Game" Service for Summer 2018

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Today (28th June), at the Line Conference 2018, LINE Corporation announced that they will be introducing a brand new game feature to their communication app this summer called the “LINE Quick Game”!


LINE Quick Game is a new feature which will allow LINE users to enjoy spontaneous fun and games together with their friends or against them without having to install the games separately. There are currently 8 titles in the initial line up, including Nyanko Defense (にゃんこ防衛軍), a Tamagotchi title “LINEで発見!! たまごっち”, Jetpack Bandits (ジェットパックバンディッツ), LINE Minna de Quiz ( LINE みんなでクイズ), a Sudoku game “LINE 今日のナンプレ”, Fishing Star Quick (釣り★スタ QUICK), Dino ballz (ディノ ボールズ), and koToro_(コトロ).

The LINE Quick Game service is expected to launch in Summer 2018.

LINE Quick Game Teaser

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