Captain Tsubasa EP 9: Manga Comparison

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Captain Tsubasa

The inter-school tournament is heating up! With a newcomer entering the field to save the game, Taro Misaki hones the same powerful skills as Tsubasa. With the pace of the game entering a mode of frenzy, Shutetsu leads ahead with a striking 2-1 score. Nankatsu has yet to accept defeat. With both Tsubasa’s and Misaki’s spirits running high, this could be anyone’s match! Today we’ll be comparing chapter eight and nine of Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼).

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Taro’s & Genzo’s Collision

Captain Tsubasa

As Taro and Tsubasa close the gap between Genzo, Taro succeeds in a final pass that leads to him colliding with Genzo. This collision is not shown in chapter eight of the manga, which is replaced with both falling directly in front of each other as Genzo misses the fake-out. The collision in the anime causes Genzo to not be able to recover from the fall as he’s flung across quite a distance away from Taro.  

A Concerned Father

Captain Tsubasa

Taro’s father seems to be very watchful of him in the anime. He rarely makes an appearance in the manga and when he does, he’s quickly pushed into the shadows as a background character. In the anime, he is portrayed as a busy father that’s trying to make sense of his son’s passion for soccer.

How Many Minutes Left?

Captain Tsubasa

In chapter eight, the announcer states that there’s only a single minute left after Tsubasa has tied the score. As the match resumes in the anime, the announcer announces that there’re two minutes left until the match is finished. How many minutes left is there really?!

Missing Awards Ceremony

Captain Tsubasa

As the match quickly comes to an end, both opposing teams have changed their opinions of each other. After congratulating one another, a small award ceremony is held showcasing the end of the 26th inter-school tournament. This event is completely glossed over in the anime and it’s only referenced by the announcer stating the end of the tournament.

Absent Showcase Match

As the tryouts begin for the national school soccer clubs, each team and player have five minutes to showcase their skills for a chance at a spot at making it to the club. In the anime, Tsubasa and Genzo are the main characters showcasing their skills to the coaches along with a majority of team Shutetsu. While in the manga, Nankatsu is participating in a quick match and their players skills are highlighted instead of Shutetsu’s players.

A Lonely Opportunity

Captain Tsubasa

A scene missing entirely from the manga, Tsubasa’s parents are discussing the opportunity of Tsubasa going to Brazil with Roberto to follow his dreams. With his father’s long embarkments overseas and his mother staying at home alone, they’re not letting their troubles get in the way of Tsubasa achieving his dreams – talk about parents that would do anything for their son!

Captain Tsubasa

The inter-school tournament has finally arrived at an end. With a new tournament to compete at and new opportunities ahead for the now combined team Nankatsu and Shutetsu, only one can wonder how far they’ll make it! Look forward to the next episode of Captain Tsubasa Episode Ten: Kojiro Arrives.


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