Captain Tsubasa EP 10: Manga Comparison

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Captain Tsubasa

The inter-school tournament has ended in a draw. It’s time for Nankatsu and Shutetsu, now known as Nankatsu FC, to take on the nationals! With many new paths opening to Tsubasa and the possibility of going to Brazil to attend a football institute if he wins the nationals title, nothing is stopping them now from reaching that goal. This is the beginning of his journey! Read ahead as we’ll be comparing chapters ten and eleven of Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼).

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Roberto’s Worries

A scene that’s absent in the manga, Roberto can’t help but contemplate about the troubles that may arise if he takes Tsubasa to Brazil. Leaving Tsubasa’s mother alone in japan as his father works overseas. The thought of both Tsubasa and his mother being alone plague his mind as he still ponders about his decision of taking Tsubasa abroad.

The Ace Striker, Kojiro Hyuga

Captain Tsubasa

An entirely new scene in the anime has Taro talking about the top clubs participating in the nationals. Clubs such as Kujiukuri FC, known for their persistence and high endurance. Team Naniwa FC, known for their confidence in mid-air battles. Team Hakata FC, who are just kids but can win against adult players with ease. And finally, is team Meiwa FC, whose striker, known as Kojiro Hyuga, is rumored to be as skilled as Tsubasa.

Roberto’s Powerful Kick

Captain Tsubasa

As Roberto is training Tsubasa, he discusses with him about his decision of going to Brazil after winning the nationals in japan. To demonstrate how much Tsubasa must practice, Roberto picks up a log and snaps it in half with a single kick! This is also where Roberto mentions to Tsubasa about Genzo limping as he walked home.

Kojiro’s Hidden Motivation

Kojiro is portrayed to be a tough and ruthless player with no compassion for the players he injures on the field. Something crucial that’s shown in the anime and not in the manga, is Kojiro helping his single mother take care of his younger siblings. Using football to motivate him, he’s shown assisting his neighbors and working on many small jobs to help his mother make ends meet. Taking care of everything in the house due to his father’s passing, his dream is to be scouted by a professional team. Not only to benefit himself but to also help his family get by easier.  

A Hat-Trick to A One-Way Ticket to Brazil

Captain Tsubasa

Tsubasa’s parents along with Roberto discuss with Tsubasa about the long-awaited trip to Brazil. Both scenes are similar in the anime and manga but in the anime, Tsubasa’s father brings up a condition Tsubasa must meet if he’s serious about going to Brazil. Tsubasa must perform a hat-trick on that same day’s match! Tsubasa’s mother even offers to record the entire match to capture the hat-trick on camera. There are no mentions of the camera in the manga and the hat-trick promised is mentioned minutes before the start of the match in the field as opposed in the kitchen where everyone is seated.

The nationals have begun and it’s every club for themselves. With how ruthless the competition is, it’s hard to imagine Nankatsu FC having many easy wins as they climb their way on the bracket. Going up against the best of the best, it won’t be an easy challenge like his first encounter on the field against Shutetsu. Keep your eyes peeled out for Captain Tsubasa Episode Eleven: A Surprisingly Difficult Match!


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