Yaoyorozu Quest Announces End of Game Service!

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Toylogic’s mobile location-based RPG, Yaoyorozu Quest (八百万クエスト) has announced that the game’s service will be coming to an end on 28th September.

yaoyorozu quest

Yaoyorozu Quest was released earlier this year on 1st February. The game is set in a world where the barrier between the living and the dead has been broken, humans, alongside heroes from the past, must work together to save the world from the dark forces. Like many Japanese location-based games, Yaoyorozu Quest works best only in Japan, but despite this, the game still scored 3.2 on QooApp.

Unfortunately with the new engaging updates from Pokemon GO and the introduction of new games location based games, the game still failed to attract a solid player base. The official end service announcement did not provide players with a reason as to why the game’s service is coming to an end, but from the lack of reaction the post received, the reason seems pretty obvious.

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