Pop Team Epic Season 2 Not Impossible!

Mr. Qoo

Today (5th July), Pop Team Epic’s producer Kotaro Sudo was invited by HiDive to answer questions on the critically acclaimed Pop Team Epic series. During the Panel, HiDive played the pilot episode of the series’ first season.

Here’s how the Q&A Session went!

Q1. Why did you want to make Pop Team Epic? Were you a fan of the Manga?

Sudo: Actually, I didn’t know about the original manga series. I first saw pictures of the two protagonists as LINE stamps and on Twitter. I thought they were quite interesting and wanted to make a series for them.

Q2. What was the Overall budget for making the first season?

Sudo: The actual number is a secret, but in reference to typical anime series, it was a lot cheaper.

Q3. The series featured a lot of voice actors, how did you choose which voice actors to be part of the cast? were there any auditions?

Sudo: There were no auditions. It was more like a labor of love. I simply asked the people I liked to join in.

Q4. Was working with so many different studios and voice actors difficult?

Sudo: Initially it was quite challenging, but the project was very interesting to me, so i didn’t find it particularly frustrating.

Q5: W?hat was the most memorable moment for you in the series?

Sudo: The most memorable moment was supposed to be in episode 5. Do you remember the boat scene in the very beginning of episode 5? The scene was removed for various reasons. I can’t go into details but it is related to a mouse.

Q6: Will there be a season 2?

Sudo: First I need to rest. Afterwards, it depends on how things go… There is a possibility for a second season.

Q7. How long did it take to make the first season of the series?

Sudo: Around two years

Q8. (Question from the subtitle team) How come Shouta Aoi only appears in the final episode of the series?

Sudo: Isn’t that interesting? He has the ability to jump between time. That’s why he is there.

Q9: Pop Team Epic has a lot of game references, are you a gamer yourself?

Sudo: yes, I ejoy playing games. I am playing Undertale (currently).

Are you a fan of Pop Team Epic? How do you feel about a second season for the series? Let us know your thoughts!

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