Anime Expo Special: Ikemen Series World Tour 2018 Giveaway

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Cybird’s Ikemen Series World Tour 2018 kicked off at Anime Expo in Los Angeles!

Anime Expo

The booth has got much bigger. The fanbase has got much bigger. But one thing has always been the same – it’s the dokidoki feeling!

Anime Expo

Like last year at AnimeExpo, Japanese cosplayer Hiroto Kuramasu pampered all fans with a “kabedon“. But things heated up a little bit this year. He also did back hug, “ago koi (lifting girls’ chin)”, and proposal.

Look at all these people waiting in line for the experience!

Anime Expo

Thing got even more heated up when Hiroto announced that Cybird’s upcoming Japanese title Ikemen Live would also get localized in English like all other Ikemen titles!

Thanks to the World Tour, all Cybird’s ikemen got new sexy illustrations and merch to match the Summer theme! These merch are only available in anime events and selected regions!

Anime Expo

If you couldn’t make it to Anime Expo, no worries – we’ve got you covered.

We are giving away four keychains of characters from Ikemen Revolution: Love & Magic in Wonderland. They are: Ray, Luka, Jonah, and Lancelot.

Anime Expo

Giveaway Details

■ Period:
10th July to 17th July (JST)

■ Requirement:
• Like our Facebook page QooApp Global 
• Like our giveaway post on QooApp Global
• Comment under the Facebook’s giveaway post on this topic – “A confession to Ray, Luka, Jonah, or Lancelot”

■ Result:
Check out QooApp Global on 17th July for the announcement!

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