Honkai Impact 3 New Character "Shadow Knight" Joins the Fray!

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New character, Fu Hua, has joined the SEA version of Honkai Impact 3 in both S Rank and A Rank! Additionally, The Midsummer Beach Party has also started! Find out more on the new her and events in the official press release below.

<<Official Honkai Impact 3 Press Release>>

Honkai Impact 3, miHoYo’s hit 3D mobile action game, will be featuring all new character, Fu Hua, in its latest update [Shadow Knight Confronts the Dragon]! The update will include two of her battlesuits: [Valkyrie Accipiter] and [Shadow Knight]. Also, the Summertime Swimsuit Battle has just begun! Come and join your favorite Valkyries for some sunshine, swimming, and bikini action!

The Expansion Supply for S-rank Valkyrie [Shadow Knight] and A-rank [Valkyrie Accipiter] has been opened. Captains that would like to get these Valkyries, should be sure not to miss it~

The guardian steps across the endless paths of time and appears wreathed in flames once again. Access to the 4th-gen Valkyrie Battlesuit has been granted. Captains may now use S-rank Valkyrie [Shadow Knight]! Eclipse Mode, activated! The battle of dragons in the sky has been ignited!

S-rank Valkyrie [Shadow Knight]

[Shadow Knight] is a mecha-type melee burst damage character that uses two kinds of combo attacks to quickly gain SP. In burst mode, Captains can use her relentless, storm-like combo attacks to batter the enemies. A-rank [Valkyrie Accipiter]: psychic-type melee character that uses multiple fighting styles and special effects to act as a frontline fighter or a support character when mastered.

Honkai Impact

Fu Hua’s fighting style is quite different from that of the past Valkyries, [Valkyrie Accipiter] has 2 different Attack buttons: a Normal Attack button, and a Special Attack button. Players can experience a combat style that is completely new.

New Character Trial Stage

During the event period, Fu Hua’s character trial stages will be available. In these stages, Captains can use a fully outfitted [Valkyrie Accipiter] and [Shadow Knight] to battle the enemy and feel the full potential of the characters!

Summertime Swimsuit Battle

Participate in the Faction Battle Event to get the Valkyrie swimsuit costumes and enjoy the sunshine with the Valkyries at the seaside.

In the heat of summer, the principal’s summertime swimsuit -Morning Sunshine- will be available! Players can purchase the costume directly in a limited time bundle. The costume can be used for all Theresa characters.

Storyline Chapter 7 – Lift the Sword of Rebellion!

Theresa and her allies have decided to attack Schicksal Headquarters in order to save Kiana, who was captured by Fu Hua and Durandel. The story continues to unfold…

Login Rewards

Captains simply need to log in for a total of 7 days during the event period to receive, Crystals, Swimsuit Exchange Tickets, as well as Bronya’s [School Swimsuit] costume!

Equipment Update

Weapons: Cygnus Gauntlets, Grips of Tai Xuan, and Yada Gauntlets
New stigmata: Monet, Nuwa Figurine Master
These weapons will help Captains in their fight against the Honkai!

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