Flower Knight Girl mobile adaption opens pre-registeration

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DMM’s browser game Flower Knight Girl (フラワーナイトガール) is finally getting a mobile version! Pre-registration officially opened yesterday.

Flower Knight Girl

Flower Knight RPG is a command RPG featuring 400 female characters who are personified flowers called “Flower Knight”. The battle runs on auto, and players only have tap at right moment to unleash skills.

The game will release in 2018.


The guardians of the vast Spring Garden are Flower Knights – pretty, tough flowers who are nurtured and trained in Blossom Hill. As knights, their main job is to get rid of evil bugs!


10,000: Orb x1,000 (Gacha x2)
30,000: Orb x2,000 (Gacha x4)
50,000: Orb x2,000 (Gacha x4)
100,000: ★5 guaranteed Gacha ticket x1
150,000: ★6 guaranteed Gacha ticket x1
200,000: ★6 Colchicum x1

Flower Knight Girl

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