Colopl's Bakuretsu Monster Confirms Pop Team Epic Collaboration!

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Colopl, the creators of White Cat Project, has announced today (18th July) that their new mobile title, Bakuretsu Monster (バクレツモンスター), is now available for pre-registration. Additionally, the game will be collaborating with the bizarre TV anime series, Pop Team Epic!


One main theme of the game is that players will be able to “send enemies flying” in the game’s combat system. Players will take control of monsters and train them for PvE and PvP combat. At the moment, not a lot has been revealed on the game. Stay tuned to QooApp for the latest announcements for Bakuretsu Monster!

bakuretsu monster

Pop Team Epic Collaboration


Colopl has announced that the game will be collaborating with Pop Team Epic and that the main characters of the series Popuko and Pipimi will be making an appearance in the game. However, the exact collaboration details have yet to be revealed.

Pre-Registration Rewards


100,000: Up to 10 Summon Chances from Clearing Missions
150,000: One free summon per day for the first 14 days of the game’s launch
200,000: 10x Summon from Tutorial has a chance for 4★ Characters
300,000: Up to 10 Summon Chances from Clearing Missions (Guaranteed One 4★ Character)

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