2018 July Edition #1: Guess Who's Back!

Mr. Qoo

After a busy couple of weeks with Anime Expo 2018 and a variety of mystery behind-the-scenes thing, QooApp Weekly back again(?)! WE’RE VERY SORRY FOR THE WAIT!

This Week’s News

■ Spice and Wolf Return as VR Project!


Holo is finally back! After 12 years, Spice and Wolf return to fans in the form of VR. It appears that the project is still shrouded in mystery, but regardless, this is still something worth celebrating for fans of the series!

Full article here.

■ JUMP Releases More Games for 50th Anniversary

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, JUMP has already announced and released quite a few games this year. Adding to the portfolio, a new JUMP mobile Brawl game, Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyo JanJan Stadium was announced this week!

Full article here.

■ Could the Wait Finally be Over?!

After several delays, it seems that Fantasy Life Online is finally ready to greet players! Earlier this week, CEO of Level-5, Akihiro Hino announced on Twitter that Fantasy Life Online will be released on 23rd July! For those who have been waiting for a while, a special live-stream will be held Today (22nd July).

Full article here.

New Games Released

■ Walking Dead: Our World


Surprisingly, Walking Dead: Our World is half decent. The game features all sorts of cards from weapons, items, to iconic characters from the TV series. Our World’s game play also requires some sort of skill for shooting, which makes the game quite refreshing. However, compared to what the game originally teased to fans from the trailer… well let’s just say the world isn’t perfect. (original teaser below)

■ Food Fantasy EN

The English version is finally out! The original Chinese version of Food Fantasy has been quite popular already, with surprising collaborations with real restaurant chains. The combination of business simulation and mobile collectible RPG ensures that players will always have something to do, even if they run out of stamina. With the ability to keep the original Japanese voices, the game offers players a truly enjoyable game experience, but as every mobile gamer knows, every collectible RPG requires players to farm endlessly. Food Fantasy is no exception.

■ Danmatsuma


It’s been a while since a tower defense game has been released! Danmatsuma revitalizes the tower defense genre with an immense selection of characters, from Majin to Monsters and spell cards that players could use to their advantage to defend against enemy waves. Though the graphics of the game isn’t particularly great, the standard tower defense gameplay will still guarantee you moments of entertainment.

QooApp Events

■ #allmygames

Summoning all OtaQoo! Come and share with the world what games you have on your phone. Who knows? you might even find your new best friend! Jump into QooApp (app version) now and just hit that #allmygames banner to see what the rest of us are playing.


If you’ve been stalking [Qoo News] this week then you might know that there have been quite a few collaborations showing up! Here’s just a few!

Monster Strike x SAO
Alteil Chronicle x Fairy Tail
Rozen Maiden x Gothic wa Mahou Otome
Bakuretsu Monster x Pop Team Epic!

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