DeNA's Seikimatsu Days: Our Era's End is Now Available for Download!

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Today (26th July), DeNA released their latest mobile RPG title, Seikimatsu Days: Our Era’s End for iOS and Android.

Our Era's End

Seikimatsu Days: Our Era’s End is a dungeon exploration roguelike RPG where players can explore randomly generated dungeons in teams of four. As players explore the dungeons, enemies will appear at different locations in different formations. Players will have to work out strategies for each encounter using the game’s turn-based system.



The game features a wide variaty of characters, from Scouts, Healers, Fighters, Defenders, Undead, Shooters, and Mage. All the characters are voiced and the casts include some renowned names!


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世紀末デイズ Seikimatsu Days: Our Era's End 世紀末デイズ DeNA Co., Ltd.
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