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Anime idols, infamous for their great sense of unified fashion and of course music, and essentially known for being a breed of entertainment that is well recognized through the anime world. Even those who take no interest in anime idol can at least name one from the top of their head.

So, what exactly is an anime idol? Well, many would accidentally categorize them as virtual singers when in fact that is not the case at all. These are not synthesized voices from voicebanks like vocaloid, but in fact are voiced by real life voice actors. Anime idols are usually, but not limited to, anime characters that are set in music based shows, such as Love Live, AKB0048, Macross Delta, and so on. Different shows, with entirely different plots, but what is it they all have in common? All these shows are centered around music and their main characters becoming idols.

The big picture today will be solely centered around the world of anime idols – from how they are different from your regular anime girl to even how they differ from virtual singers. Because let’s be honest here, there has to be more to just catchy tunes, adorable girls, and frilly outfits.

The Creation of An Anime Idol

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Anime idols are of course created from their animes. It starts with the creation of their characters within a show that best fit the settings and plot. For example, Love Live anime idols are high school students who don’t really face harsh trials, while Macross Delta anime idols are created and formed to best fit a dystopian theme and setting. All brainstorming and creation that go towards anime idols may differ, but they are all centered around music whether it be for a situation of the great or good, or for simply just sheer entertainment.

These girls are created through platforms that are essentially the multimedia, opposed to how virtual singers are usually created and popularized through mostly, and sometimes strictly, the internet.

Why Are They Different from Other Anime Girls?

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For starters, anime idols have the ability to enter the real world but in a much different way that would be expected. This is where anime idols can become confused by virtual singers because they too become free from their fictional bonds, as how virtual singers become free from the internet, and step onto the stage of the real world of music. Anime idols enter the real world with their concerts, performances, and meet and greets. But these aren’t holograms like Hatsune Miku. These are real life performers, the voice actors of the animated idols to be exact.

Anime idol seiyuu’s are garbed in the fashion of their animated counterparts and put on stage to give real live performances to fans and supporters. The experience is as if your favorite idols have come to life before your eyes as seiyuus sing the songs and sometimes even follow choreography from an animated version of the performance.

And with this method, it makes getting close to your idols slightly more of a memorable experience than seeing virtual singers on stage since you actually meet a live embodiment, a real person. Many anime idols hold meet and greets for fans, and sadly you won’t be able to find that sort of experience yet with a hologram.

Aside from concerts, most anime idols are presented with videos and arcade games dedicated to their characters and their music, letting fans immerse themselves in that fun loving idol setting where most allow them to dress up and perform lives in the game as their favorite singer.

Are There Different Kinds of Anime Idols?

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Of course there are differences between different kind of anime idols. As said before, anime idols are not limited to just a single type of characters. There are plenty of idol animes that feature male idols as their stars. Just because these characters are idols doesn’t mean they are limited to stereotypical character types that are associated with anime idols. Those who know a thing or two, in depth, about anime idols understand the possibilities are endless about what an anime idol can be and what they can stand for.

Some idols follow the norm and are usually characters who are once normal people but somehow stumble into the world of entertainment, or who become idols for the sake of helping or saving something that is crucial to the plot. There is nothing wrong with those types of idols since they are basically the classic type.

However some anime idols break the mold and show they are capable of becoming something much different. Some can be warriors who fight for peace. Some idols can even be the villains of their worlds. There is no such thing as a limit for these idols.

Between the Concepts

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Aside from all the unusual complicated concepts that come with over reading into anime idols, there are still simple things about them to enjoy. A staple of anime idols is of course their music. You will hear and enjoy all kinds of music that go from sweet and kawaii to punk and rebellious. So rest assured there is a song out there for you.

Beyond music you will notice anime idols also possess an aesthetic appeal. Most anime idols that are in groups with share a sense of uniformity within their outfits. Not two are quite alike but there are subtleties that tie it all together. There are also anime idols who aren’t in groups but they still maintain appearance or image that is pleasing to look at.

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So for those still confused, anime idols are their own entity when it comes to anime characters as well as performers. Depending on popularity, they can go from the screen of your TV to a real life stage in a snap. Singing and dancing their way into hearts everywhere as that is what they are best at. There seems to be a type of idol for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

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