2018 August Edition #1

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This Week’s News

■ Yu Yu Hakusho 100% Maji Battle Pre-Registration!

Pre-registration for the game has started, but more excitedly the game was spotted at ChinaJoy 2018! Though the spotted version doesn’t seem to be playable, could this mean a beta is coming soon?! read more about it here!


That’s right, FGO anime series and anime movie has been announced! A few screenshots has also been revealed! read more about it here.

■ OVERLORD x RPG Maker MV Browser Game

There’s still a bit of time before the mobile game comes out, but OVERLORD has joined forces with RPG Maker MV to create a mini OVERLORD browser RPG! Read more about it here.

New Games Released

■ Nobunyaga’s Ambition

信喵之野望 天下布喵

If you like strategy games and you like cats, then this game is a great mobile time killer for you! Transforming all the iconic general from the Sengoku period into adorable cats, Nobunyaga’s Ambition is a cute mobile game that gives players the challenge of strategy games with a lovely collection of adorable cat generals for players to collect.

The gameplay isn’t particularly sophisticated, but if you’re looking for something that can kill some of your time, then Nobunyaga is a game worth trying


Ever played a DMM mobile game? If you have, then UNITIA isn’t anything especially interesting. The is available on mobile and on browser, which honestly doesn’t really matter to most people… but hey, it’s got girls. Like a lot of them. That has to account for something… right?

■ Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyou

Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyo JanJan Stadium

Super Smash Bro, but on mobile and with Jump characters. The controls are a little too simple for the gameplay, the UI is painfully simple, and the graphics are a little too simple too… you know, the game could really be much better. One good thing is that the game does include a lot of Jump series,  anime/manga fans will definitely appreciate all the little appearances of characters from all sorts of series.

QooApp Events


This week’s topic we’re discussing if you can have any sort of superpower, what would you choose and why! Personally, I want the power to control people, thne i won’t ever have to do anything myself!


ChinaJoy 2018!!

ChinaJoy 2018! New games to be tried and new things to be seen! More coming soon!

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