Special RPG Maker MV x OVERLORD Browser Game Available Online!

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Tired of waiting for the OVERLORD: Mass for the Dead to be released? RPG Maker MV and TV anime series OVERLORD have joined forces to create a special browser RPG game that you can play for free online!

The new browser JRPG will follow the adventures of Momon and Nabe in their journey to become Adamant Rank adventurers. The game will follow the story line from the novel series, but will also feature original side quests that players can explore! After clearing the first chapter, explore additional features at the adventurer’s guild including item crafting.

Asides from playing the game on your browser, fans can also download the game on Windows and Mac.

A niconico account is required for players to save their game progress for the browser version. For the Windows and Mac version of the game, a save file will be created. simply drag and drop the file into the game to continue your saved game.

About OVERLORD: Mass for the Dead


OVERLORD: Mass for the Dead is based on Maruyama’s OVERLORD series. The story is set in a fantasy virtual MMORPG (Dive MMORPG), YGGDRASIL. As the game ends its service, you find yourself within an underground crypt. Players will play as the strongest skeletal mage, Momonga.



Overlord is originally a light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama (丸山くがね) and illustrated by so-bin. It was first published in 2012 and is still on-going. Momonga is a hardcore fan of online game YGGDRASIL. When the game is about to discontinue, he stays there until the very last second. Yet, something is wrong. Players are unable to log out. The NPC start acting like living people. Momonga, who presents himself as Ainz Ooal Gowns – a skeleton and a mage, then leads his guild to survive YGGDRASIL.

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