Project 7 reveals official title to be "Libra of Precatus"

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Fuji Games, maker of The Alchemist Code and Phantom of the Kill, has announced their coming mobile game Project 7 to be titled Libra of Precatus (プレカトゥスの天秤). Pre-registration is now open.

Libra of Precatus

The game is a tower defense RPG. Players have to assign five characters on a 3×3 grid. Battles can run on auto or manual.

Libra of Precatus

The story has a steampunk theme. In the continent of Ordia, resources have become very scarce after an industrial revolution. Meanwhile, people discover a magical mineral that could change the world. When all seven countries of Ordia gather to discuss how they would share this valuable substance, someone attack the venue. An inevitable war therefore begins.

The main characters are designed by otome game producer Reject. They are voiced by a list of well-known artists including Yuki Kaji, Kana Hanazawa, Ayane Sakura, and many more that have yet to be announced.

Libra of Precatus

Libra of Precatus

Libra of Precatus will release in Autumn 2018.


30,000: Gachapin x Mukku original goods giveaway
100,000: Gem x30
200,000: Acoutic Research earphone giveaway
300,000: Gem x50
400,000: Gem x100
500,000: SSR Travis x1 + SSR Noel x1

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