Freezing manga's mobile game Freezing Extension (JP) will come out next week

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Based on manga series Freezing, mobile RPG Freezing Extension (フリージング エクステンション) has decided to come out on 16th August!

Freezing Extension

The Korean original actually came out earlier this year. It is made up of two major parts – battle and romance. The battle part is simply unleashing powerful skills through commands. When the heroines have low HP, their clothes will be torn off completely. The romance part is about courting the girls through conversations that consume a certain in-game asset.

This localization version features new voice actresses different from the anime’s cast.

Freezing Extension

■ Kana Asumi as Chiffon Fairchild
■ Sora Amamiya as Rana Linchen
■ Haruka Tomatsu as Sattelizer EL Bridget
■ Kanae Ito as Shirayuki Hime
■ Satomi Sato as Elizabeth Mably
(Left to right)

The manga published on Japanese magazine Comic Valkyrie is written by Lim Dall-young and illustrated by Kwang-Hyun Kim. Kazuya Aoi is a teenage boy whose elder sister, a member of Pandora, dies in a fight against mysterious enemy Nova. He inherits her dying wish and enters Genetics to train as a fighter. Much to his surprise, the school is filled with sexy ne-san – elder-sister type of girls. Both the manga and the anime adaption have got mainstream success in Japan

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