Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyo JanJan Stadium Basics

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The new mobile Jump Brawl game, Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyo JanJan Stadium, is finally here! The new game celebrates the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump. It brings together iconic characters from the publications popular series, from old classics including Fist of the North Star and Dragonball to new series like My Hero Academia and Black Clover! Players will be able to collect some of their favorite Jump characters and unlock special SP skills with heroes’ exclusive memory cards from the Memory Card Gacha.

weekly shonen jump

Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyo JanJan Stadium inherits many of the key elements of brawl fighting games, however, the game has been tweaked for mobile. The requirements to have characters that are strong and unlock their special skill is incredibly high, but the game isn’t completely pay-to-win. Characters each have different charge attack animations and basic attack animations which players will have to master to evade and counter-attack.

SP Skills

SP Skills are powerful skills that can be unlocked by equipping characters with special Memory Cards related to their series. For example, below is a Memory Skill Card for characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures.

UI Translation

Bind Account

Bind by Google Account (Botton) or Konami Account (Top)

To transfer your account, simply login to a Google Account/Konami Account that already has a game account bound to it from the main menu.

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