DeNA's New Bleach Mobile Game at ChinaJoy

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ChinaJoy 2018 showed us a whole new batch of new mobile games to look forward to. This time we'll be taking a closer look at DeNA's new official Bleach mobile game "BLEACH 境•界-死神激鬥". The game does not have an official English title, so in this review, we'll be referring it to DeNA's mobile Bleach. BLEACH境•界-死神激鬥


BLEACH境•界-死神激鬥 The new game is a sidescrolling action game where players can replay iconic moments from the TV anime series with their favorite characters from the series. The game will also feature cutscenes from the series to give you the full Bleach experience. BLEACH境•界-死神激鬥 BLEACH境•界-死神激鬥


The actual combat of the game is actually a pleasant surprise. The game went with a more anime-styled art direction which makes it quite different from existing Bleach games like Bleach Brave Souls. The controls of the game were not as smooth as games like KOF: ALLSTAR, but the general feel and impact of each hit is almost as good. BLEACH境•界-死神激鬥 If you focus just on the gameplay, it's hard to realize the game is made in China. The only giveaway is the unreasonably large damage output number that is typical of Chinese games. seriously, that 15114 crit damage... BLEACH境•界-死神激鬥 BLEACH境•界-死神激鬥

Overall Feel

Overall, DeNA's mobile Bleach game doesn't feel bad at all. The gameplay does have a certain punch to it, and each action has a significant impact which makes the game feel quite good on hand. Characters stay true to their appearance in the series, combined with cutscenes from the anime series, the game does truly feel like an official Bleach title. BLEACH境•界-死神激鬥 The biggest concern, once again, is the controls of the game. the movement control is a little restrictive which makes the game feel less fluid at times. Another point that doesn't feel great is the game's UI. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, but it just feels like something is missing or just wrong. BLEACH境•界-死神激鬥 No set release date for the game has been released right now. Stay tuned to QooApp for the latest news on the game!
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