ACGHK Fukubukuro Giveaway Winners!

Mr. Qoo

ACGHK Fukubukuro Giveaway finally ended yesterday (8th August). In just one day we read hundreds and hundreds of your reviews – they are long, but they aren’t dull! Thank you for giving your best efforts to write them!

Some you give good reviews. Some of you give bad reviews. It’s okay! Reviews are meant for helping other players and even the developer realise whether a game is worthy and how it can improve. No matter what kind of review you wrote, as long as it was made during the event period (30th July – 8th August), you had a chance to win!

To make it fair we had a few persons who just started playing Girls’ Frontline, My Hero Academia: Smash Tap, and Sword Art Online: Integral Factor to read all reviews. They chose what they deemed most helpful.

And here are the BEST 10!


■ Girls’ Frontline

■ My Hero Academia: Smash Tap

■ Sword Art Online: Integral Factor


The 10 users above are rewarded a random gift of the game he/she reviewed! Mr. Qoo will contact them via email soon!

Here is a list of gifts we have for them:

■ My Hero Academia

• Cushion (Back: Todoroki; Front: 4 heroes)
• Shoto Todoroki stuffed toy keychain
• Wall sticker
• Poster

■ Girls’ Frontline

• M1903 Springfield Mousepad
• SUMP45 Keychain
• SG11 Keychain
• SUMP9 Keychain

■ Sword Art Online

• Asuna and Kirito Bedding Set (one lightweight comforter and two pillowcases)
• Headphone

More Giveaway

We are currently having another giveaway!

Go to “Hashtags” and leave a note on “Which Dengeki hero/heroine would you like to be?” with the hashtag “#DengekiFever”.

Six comments with most likes will win the gifts below:

1st most liked note: SAO GGO mug x1
2nd:Toaru Misaka cross-shoulder bag x1
3rd: Eromanga Sensei keychain x1
4th: The Irregular at Magic High School Keychain x1
5th: DuRaRaRa Mikado badge x1
6th: Eromanga Sensei card collection x1

Looking forward to reading your notes!

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