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No, not these flags. The flags we’re going to talk about this time are event flags. You know, when characters say something like “I’m going to confess to her after this battle” and dies in battle. Those flags.


So what are flags?

To put it simply, Flags are like triggers. They spark the beginning of an ending. So a Love Flag to spark the beginning of a new relationship between characters and as mentioned earlier, the Death Flag foreshadows the death of a character or characters, you never know!

No, no you can’t ask him anytime! That’s what happens when you tempt fate!


The term originates from game programming, the meaning is almost exactly the same. These events are conditions that will trigger things like cutscenes, Boss Battles etc. etc. in games. In gal games, flags are things that contribute to the ending of the game. Making a bad choice in a conversation could raise the flag for a bad ending which can often be irreversible.

Anime Uses

Most of the time, when a flag is raised it is not specifically mentioned by any characters. They will still be somewhat easy to pick up, but it is up to the audience’s experience.

Often as a gag, in anime and manga, a character would state that a flag has been raised following something another character has done or said. This technique is often used for comic relief, pointing out that the character has done something to tempt fate or just to point out that they have done something that is stereotypically “flag raising”.

Has there ever been a death flag from an anime series which was most significant to you? Let us know! As always, if there is anything else you want us to explain, let us know in the comments!

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