Ikki Tousen Mobile Game Adaptation Coming this August!

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Yuji Shiozaki’s (塩崎 雄二) popular series Ikki Tousen (一騎当千) will be coming to iOS/Android this month! The game will feature all the iconic characters from the original series with a rich voice cast!

<<Official Ikki Tousen Press Release>>

The mobile game adaption of popular manga series Ikki Tousen by Yuji Shiozaki will be coming to this August. The game will fully reimagine the original high school battle fest between the physically gifted fighters, including all your favorites characters like Sonsaku Hakufu, Ryomou Shimei, Ryofu Housen, Kanu Unchou! Pre-registration for the game is now open, QooApp users will also be able to join a QooApp exclusive event to win exclusive rewards!

Ikki Tousen

Original Manga Characters, Amazing Japanese Voiceovers

Large number of playable characters from the Ikki Tousen series such as Sonsaku Hakufu, Ryomou Shimei, Ryofu Housen, Kanuu Unchou will join you and fight for the supremacy of their school!

Sonsaku Hakufu
■ Age: 17
■ Height: 162cm
■ BWH Measurements: 93, 56, 88
■ Blood Type: Group AB

Kanu Unchou
■ Age: 17
■ Height: 172cm
■ BWH Measurements: 94, 60, 91
■ Blood Type: Group A

Ryomou Shimei
■ Age: 17
■ Height:160cm
■ BWH Measurements:85, 58, 86
■ Blood Type: Group A

Collect Fighters, Boost Powers, Build The Most Powerful Deck

Unlock a huge cast of eye-catching school girls, each with unique charms, and power up your favorite girl! It’s up to you to build a deck with the strongest fighting girls. By perfectly combining their skills and controlling your timing to use their skills strategically, carve your way to victory with your beloved girls. Let the battle rage on to rend flesh and maybe even some uniforms off your opponents!

Cool Skill Effects, Exciting Battle Experience

This game features a variety of spectacular skills with all kinds of flashy effects that will give players a stimulating visual feast. The voice overs are done by a cast of world-renowned Japanese Voice Actors that will bring each character to life on your mobile device! Call on the strength of high school girls to battles and send your enemies crying in fear!

Join Pre-registration, Win Exclusive Qoo Gift Pack

The game has started pre-registration now. Enter the pre-registration page and win exclusive Qoo Gift Pack! Don’t miss out this rare opportunity to power up your girls in advance!

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