Honkai Impact 3: Blazing Flames - All New Version Update with New Valkyrie: Phoenix Deployed

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New Honkai Impact 3 (SEA) update has arrived! Brand new Valkyrie, Phoenix, has been deployed!

<<Official Honkai Impact 3 Press Release>>

Honkai Impact 3, the 3D action mobile game developed by miHoYo, has just released a new version update. Aptly named Blazing Flames, the update includes a new S-rank battlesuit Phoenix for Fu Hua and A-rank battlesuit Luna Kindred for Theresa. A new Extra Chapter for Fu Hua is also available. Join Fu Hua in her adventures to unearth buried memories of forgotten friends and stories…

Fu Hua’s new S-rank battlesuit Phoenix and Theresa’s new A-rank battlesuit Luna Kindred limited-time Expansion Supply is now available! No Fu Hua or Theresa fan should miss this!

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S-rank battlesuit Phoenix: Psychic-type hybrid melee character. Offers a variety of combo attacks and super cool ultimates. Her attacks also deal bonus fire damage to enemies hit. Everything shall be consumed by the divine flames.

A-rank battlesuit Luna Kindred: This Creature-type battlesuit is the soul-awakened form of Valkyrie Pledge. Luna Kindred can easily switch between dual blades for dealing quick, flexible, fluid attack sequences or her great battle ax to suppress the enemies. She can also gain various buffs by attacking bleeding enemies.

Login Bonus

Log in for 10 consecutive days for the period of August 16 ~ September 26 to get Crystals, Luna Kindred Souls, and the Valkyrie Accipiter’s mandarin gown outfit: Blue Swallow!

Total Onslaught

The fight against Schicksal is on! The Alliance has initiated a full-scale attack against every area of the target battlefield. Experience this all-new team-based game mode. Raise the team skill SP to unleash maximum skill effects! Achieving higher Technique Rating during the stage will help recharge the SP more quickly.

Fu Hua’s Extra Chapter: The Forgotten

Personal encounters and long-lost friends… what other secrets are hidden within memories from thousands of years ago?

Honkai Chronicles Online

Enter the Sealed Realms to uncover the legend behind the Xuanyuan Sword. Explore the everlasting memories of the clone bound to her pledge. Honkai Chronicles is available at all times, experience battles filled with the memories of the Valkyries!

Equipment Update

New weapon: Cinder Hawk
New stigmata: Gustav Klimt, Jin Shengtan, and Ryunosuke Akutagawa
These equipment will help us in the Honkai War, Captains!

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