2018 August Edition #4

Mr. Qoo

Finally, some new games to play on mobile with new games being announced and a new collaboration timepiece from SEIKO featuring iDOLM@STER 765 Production!

This Week’s News

■ Captain Tsubasa Zero Gameplay Reveal

Well, the gameplay for Captain Tsubasa Zero has been revealed! Not entirely sure what to make of it though… The game did get a lot of traction when it was announced, but will the lack of actual gameplay be a problem for fans? Read more here.

■ iDOLM@STER 765 Production x SEIKO Timepiece


Bandai Namco releases a special movie for the previously announced iDOLM@STER 765 Production x SEIKO collaboration timepiece. The new watch is simple, yet subtlely captures elements from the 765 production. Read more about it here.

■ Capcom’s Black Command

Black Command

Capcom has announced a new original mobile game! Take on the role of a commander and lead your squad of unique mercs through all sorts of different missions. Read more about it here.

New Games Released

■ Arc the Lad R

A continuation of the Arc the Lad series after over a decade! The mobile adaptation features a classic turn-based strategy combat system with additional features like dealing more damage if you attack enemies from behind. Asides from the continuation of the Arc the Lad series, the game offers a great RPG experience, but of course, with a gacha system.

Putting aside the story, the game is quite fun. The combat is challenging and does require players to think ahead in certain situations. The UI and overall graphics of the game could do with a few improvements, but if you’re a fan of JRPG, then Arc the Lad R is the game for you.

The game is only available in Japanese as of this moment, so if you want to know the story… GIYF

■ Crystal Hearts

Remember Destiny 6? or Teria Saga? Then just imagine those with a slight change in controls and graphics. That is pretty much what Crystal Hearts is. Whilst characters will move and attack automatically, players can move each character individually to have them avoid enemy skills.

There really isn’t anything new Crystal Hearts offers, but the art direction of the game is quite different. So if you enjoyed Destiny 6’s gameplay but didn’t like the rounder chibi style characters, then Crystal Hearts might be just what you need.

■ Freezing Extention

Freezing Extension

Typical gacha mobile game with Freezing characters. The game features a turn-based combat system. Illustrations for the game stays true to the original series, which is great for those of you who are fans of the series, but the 3D models of the characters are all chibi-styled… Weirdly, when characters take enough damage, their weapons break, and probably the highlight of the game, the clothes also tear. The actual chibi characters will also be seen in only their underwear… if that’s what you’re into, then this game does have some sort of plus side.

Incidentally, you can tap on your characters on the Home screen to earn a small number of coins… and tear off their clothes, you beast…

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Even More Games!

Following the previous quiet period, here are more games that were released in the past week!

■ Five Kingdom

Destiny 6 with a more strategic approach?

■ Monogatari Series Pucpuc

Monogatari Series Pucpuc

TSUMTSUM like puzzle game with the iconic Monogatari series!

■ Generation Tank

Based on Masaya Hokazono’s (外薗昌也) survival horror manga series on Kodansha, Generation Tank (戦車でホイホイ), this game is an action game which puts players in tanks and pitches them against giant bugs!

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