Yu Yu Hakusho 100% Maji Battle Getting Started

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Yu Yu Hakusho 100% Maji Battle has just been released! Here are just a few things to help you get started to the game.

About the Game

Yu Yu Hakusho 100% Maji Battle is a mobile game based on the popular manga and TV anime series Yu Yu Hakusho (幽☆遊☆白書) created by Yoshihiro Togashi (冨樫 義博). The game is a tribute to the 25th anniversary to the Yu Yu Hakusho TV anime series and is only a part of the Yu Yu Hakusho Game Adaptation project!

Table of Content

1. Reset Marathon
2. Recommended Characters
3. Bind / Transfer Account

Initial Launch

On the initial startup, players will be prompted to log in to a Google Account to bind your data. You can simply tap outside the box to bypass this.

Reset Marathon

Unlimited 5★ character re-tries! When you start the game, there is a 5★ Guaranteed Gacha summon with unlimited retries. Whilst this sounds great, the Guaranteed 5★ pool only features 12 characters (all 5★ characters asides from Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama). See below for recommendations.

Once you have the character you want, the tutorial continues. When completed you will be able to receive 250 gems to do your first 10x summon. But before you summon, I highly recommend you do another stage to get your player rank to Rank 2. This is because reaching Rank 2 is one of the requirements for completing a Starter Mission. Together with clearing the tutorial, that’s another 250 gems, meaning you can do 2 10x summons.

Rainbow text = 5★ Drop

Recommended Characters

Guaranteed 5★ Recommendation

■ Genkai

Genkai is probably the best out of the guaranteed 5★ pool because of her ability to buff all teammate’s Damage and Spirit Energy. Pretty sure there isn’t a need to explain why that’s good…

■ Kazuma Kuwabara

Great DPS. Has a high single-target damage skill and a decent AoE skill that hits enemies in the front row with debuff.

■ Tōya

High single-target DPS. Also has the ability to freeze enemies in a row, useful for more challenging levels.

First Gacha Recommendations

■ Yusuke Urameshi ([霊光の継承者] 浦飯幽助)

Yusuke is probably the best character to have when you start the game, simply because he is the main character and the main character never really loses.

Jokes aside, Yusuke is the only 5★ character in the game with an AoE attack that hits all enemies. Despite the skill only dealing 50% of the unit’s Spirit Energy, an attack that hits all enemies is a quick and easy way to clear stages.

■ Hiei ([一気呵成] 飛影)

Can deal massive damage to enemies in a row and apply a burn effect on them. Hiei also has a single-target skill which deals quite a lot of damage, making him good at clearing waves and killing bosses.

■ Kurama ([絢爛華麗] 蔵馬)

Incredibly tanky on his own, but what makes Kurama one of the top picks is the 25% Damage Resistance and 25% Defense team buff. ‘Cause you know, damage isn’t always everything.

Bind Account

If you didn’t link your Google Account at the initial startup, you can link your account in 3 simple steps.

■ 1.

■ 2.

■ 3.

Data Transfer

If you used Google Play to bind your account, simply log in to your google play account on the initial startup and an option will prompt. Tap the yellow icon under the account you want to use and you’ll use that save. For others, simply follow the steps below.

■ 1.

■ 2.

■ 3.

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