2018 September Edition #1

Mr. Qoo

The first 2018 September Edition! Marking the beginning of the end of 2018, more games celebrate their anniversary with fans, but perhaps the biggest and saddest news of the week is the delay of LovePlus Every! With the release date being delayed to an undecided date for quality improvements, they must be making some next-generation game!

This Week’s News

■ LovePlus Every Delayed Again!

loveplus every

Read more here.

■ Yakuza Online Pre-Registration Opened


Read more about it here.

■ SAO: Memory Defrag 2nd Anniversary Zombies

Read more about it here.

■ Dragalia Lost Coming very Soon!

During the week, Nintendo announced that their joint project with Cygames, Dragalia Lost will be released on 27th September, just a bit after Tokyo Game Show. Additionally, a Nintendo Dragalia Lost Direct was streamed on YouTube, covering the game’s story, combat system, and game system! Read more about it here.

New Games Released

■ Yu Yu Hakusho 100% Maji Battle

A gacha game with Yu Yu Hakusho characters. The game is part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Yu Yu Hakusho series.

For a gacha game, this isn’t too bad. The game is quite generous, giving players a guaranteed 5 star at the very beginning of the game. whilst there isn’t anything particularly special about the gameplay, it does recollect the story of the YU YU Hakusho series.  For Yu Yu Hakusho fans, this game is a great way to re-explore the story.

■ Flower Knight Girls

As one would expect from a DMM game, Flower Knight Girls is pretty much just about the girls and your relationship with each girl. The game’s system is that of a typical browser game, which is no surprise, considering the game is originally a browser game.

The illustrations for each girl is quite well made, but the quality doesn’t carry over for the combat system. That being said, the game’s main point is the interaction with the girls. Unless you’re quite fluent in Japanese, then you might not enjoy the game so much.


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