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Netorare – NTR – 寝取られ



Netorare (NTR) is a form of masochism for those who take pleasure in the humiliation, degradation, and the despair of being cheated on by their significant other.

As a Genre

Netorare as a genre closely translates to cuckold in English. To put it simply it is the person whose significant other has sex with another person.

NTR in 3…2…1…

Whilst technically, the term only applies to those in a relationship, there are cases in Hentai with NTR tags which show a male watching the girl they like being “intimate” with another male. Despite not being in a relationship, this can also be considered NTR.

Although the genre doesn’t necessarily revolve around characters in a relationship, they do cater to those with a masochistic taste, so in most cases, it does tend to focus more on what the

NTR & Cheating, What’s the Difference?

Often people blur the two, but whilst both NTR and Cheating both involve pretty much the same thing, they’re not exactly the same.

NTR is simply the act of when a woman in a relationship sleeps with another man. The motive and reasoning do not matter since NTR is simply the act.

Cheating is more specific. A person in a relationship actively seeks sexual pleasures with another person.

So to put it simply, NTR is more the umbrella term and Cheating is just one form of NTR.

The Opposite?

The opposite of Netorare is Netori (寝取り). As you would expect, it is the person who sleeps with another person’s significant other.

Well, that’s about it for NTR. In recent years, NTR has grown exponentially in Japan, can you accept NTR? or are you part of those who can’t stand it? Incidentally, google Netorare song, there are many versions out there but trust me… it’s worth it.

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