Wild Arms: Million Memories Pre-Registration Begins

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Last Friday (31st August), ForwardWorks and Wright Flyer Studios’ co-created mobile project Wild Arms: Million Memories held a special live-stream revealing gameplay footage. Additionally, a special commemorative website was released to reintroducing the series to new and old players alike.

Wild Arms Million Memories

About the Game

The first title of the Wild Arms series was released in 1996 for the PlayStation. Just like the original series, the mobile adaptation will have a rich story with wild west cowboys and sci-fi elements mixed within. The mobile version will be overseen by the series’ original game designer Akifumi Kaneko (金子 彰史). The game will feature a new original story and iconic characters from the series will also make an appearance.

Wild Arms Million Memories

Wild Arms Million Memories

Wild Arms Million Memories

Wild Arms Million Memories

Full Live-Stream


Pre-registration for the game officially launched on 31st August.

Over 50,000: 1 Gimel Coin Token x10
Over 100,000: 100 Gems
Over 200,000: ARM Attack Skill Card “涙を受け継ぐ者”

Commemorative Site

Official Site

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