PaniPani's Adventure Comes to an End

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Colopl has announced that their mobile side-scroll RPG title PaniPani (PaniPani -パラレルニクスパンドラナイト-) will come to an end later this year on 28th November.


PaniPani was released on 28th September 2017. The story revolves around the adventures of 13 high-school students who are transported to an alternative world.

The game supports multiplayer action, players will be able to adventure solo or join up with friends and other players online to explore the world fighting different enemies and collecting different materials to craft stronger equipment.

The official announcement has also revealed that the game’s story will have a complete ending before the game service ends. Additionally, two new characters will be introduced.

Official Announcement

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PaniPani -パラレルニクスパンドラナイト- PaniPani PaniPani -パラレルニクスパンドラナイト- COLOPL, Inc.
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