Honkai Impact 3rd New Version Preview: St. Freya's Homecoming Fair!

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<Official Honkai Impact 3 Press Release>

Join the Party with All-new Characters!

It’s time for homecoming at St Freya High School! In preparation for the festivities, we are extremely excited to announce two new characters that will be joining the fight against the Honkai! Yae Sakura is back to turn up the heat with her A-rank soul-awakened battlesuit: Flame Sakitama. This fiery character dishes out the damage with a completely new style of combat that is both fun and fluid! And just when you thought the principal wasn’t gonna show up for the party, Theresa arrives in style with a stunning new S-rank battlesuit! This will be one addition to your Theresa collection that you will not want to miss!

Put Your Skills to the Test!

In this new version of Honkai Impact, we will be introducing an all new challenge mode for Captains: prepare to enter the Memorial Arena! Here you will put your skills to the test against epic bosses that only get tougher (not even joking). That’s right, each time a boss is defeated, it will become stronger and gain new abilities! But the fight is worth it, with exclusive rewards entering the Shop that can only be purchased using currency earned in the arena. Get ready to battle each of Honkai Impact’s legendary bosses, starting from an amusing C-rank all the way to the ultra-lethal SS-rank!

Boss battles not enough for you? You wanna play with your friends you say? We’ve got it covered! In this coming update, we will be adding some new raids for the global servers! Gather your friends and party-up to take on not one, but two new co-op raids! The battles may be tough, but exclusive rewards await those who coordinate their teams, work together, and overcome the hordes of enemies!

Celebrate St. Freya’s Homecoming Fair with Missions and Free Items!

Homecoming is the theme of this new version, and we will be kicking everything off with an exciting event that will give players a chance to receive free ★4 stigmata as well as Mei’s new ★4 costume: Aeterna Purum! A variety of exclusive missions will be available for Captains to challenge with their favorite Valkyries to receive exciting rewards! Once the version update officially goes live, be sure to log in each day to get free prizes (courtesy of Ai-chan xoxo) including the rare ★4 stigma: Mei: Bride (M), Flame Sakitama fragments, and loads of Crystals. Never forget Captain, St. Freya High School will always be your strongest support in the Honkai War! Join your Valkyries in this great Homecoming Fair!

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