Level-5 x Netmarble Announces New Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars Playable at Tokyo Game Show!

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Netmarble and Level-5 announced that they will be working together to create a new mobile game, Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars (妖怪ウォッチ メダルウォーズ), adapted from the popular Yo-kai Watch series. The companies announced that a playable demo for the new game will be available at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2018!

Medal Wars

The game revolves around a legend which proclaims that anyone who obtains the “オージャメダル” (Ooja Medal), will be receive powers equal to the great Lord Enma. Players will be able to immerse in a brand new story in the Yo-kai Watch universe.

妖怪手錶 Metal Wars

In the new game, players will be able to train different Yo-kai to fight in real-time combat. The game will also have AR features to allow players to collect new Yo-kai through taking images.


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