Black Clover: Quartet Knights Gauche Character Trailer Released

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Bandai Namco has released a new character trailer for the upcoming Black Clover console game, Black Clover: Quartet Knights. The new trailer features Gauche of the Black Bulls.

Quartet Knights

Gauche is the first-born son of the Adlai family. Shortly after his sister, Marie, was born, their parents died in an accident and another noble inherits their wealth and cast out Gauche and Marie. Doing everything he can for his sister, Gauche shows no care and interest in anything asides from Marie.

In the game, Gauche uses his Mirror Magic to cast long-ranged beams and AoE attacks. For mobility, he can teleport short distances mid-air. Additionally, Gauche can also mirror enemies and use their skills back against them using mirror images of them.


Black CLover: Quartet Knights is due out 13th September for PS4 and PC.

Gauche Character Trailer

About the Game

Black Clover

Black Clover: Quartet Knights is a 4vs4 “Magic Action Shooter” game that will feature strategic maps, unique character magic and co-op magics between players. The gameplay will be a third-person shooter where players can play as characters from the Black Clover series.

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