TV anime Hell Girl gets live-action movie

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Original TV anime series Hell Girl (地獄少女) will be adapted into a live-action movie by Sadako vs. Kayako director Koji Shiraishi.

Hell Girl

In Hell Girl, Ai Enma is a spiritual entity known as Hell Girl in the human’s world. She sends people to hell and tortures them upon getting requests. It has become a popular series for its mockery of humanity and Japan’s society. Four seasons were made between 2005 and 2017.

American-Japanese model Tina Tamashiro is cast as Ai. Hone Onna is portrayed by Manami Hashimoto, whilst Ren Ichimoku and Wanyudo are portrayed by Raiku and Akaji Maro respectively. Other characters are original and exclusive to the movie.

Hell Girl

Live-action Hell Girl will open in Fall 2019 in Japan.


Ai Enma: Tina Tamashiro
Hone Onna: Manami Hashimoto
Ren Ichimoku: Raiku
Wanyudo: Akaji Maro
Ichikawa Miho: Nana Mori
Haruka Nanjo: Sawa Nimura
Sanae Mikuriya: Mina Oba (SKE48)
Kudo: Kazuki Namioka
Devil: Tomu Fujita

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