Capcom Explains Surprise Attacks and Sniping for Black Command

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Today (26th September), Capcom released a new video for their upcoming mobile strategy military simulation title, Black Command, exploring the differences between Surprise Attacks and Sniping.

In the video, Capcom producers Peter Fabiano and Matt Walker talks about the advantages and disadvantages of setting up Surprise Attacks and Sniping in the upcoming game.

Surprise Attacks require players to strategically move around their enemies without being spotted to execute surprises attacks on unalarmed enemies. The advantages of this is that player’s units will be less likely to take damage when engaging enemies. The disadvantage of surprise attacks is that it takes more time to execute.

On the other hand, Sniping allows players to set up utilize Sniping Posts on the map to take out enemies from a long distance. Player’s units will be far from the action reducing the risk, but a Sniping will require more ammunition and a Sniping Post.

Black Command

Black Command is already available for download.

『BLACK COMMAND』 First Look (Surprise Attacks vs. Sniping)

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