Sega Releases Extended Trailers for Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon

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Sega has just released two extended trailers for their newly announced project, Judge Eyes” Shinigami no Yuigon (JUDGE EYES:死神の遺言).

judge eyes

Judge Eyes is a working title that revolves around a Takayuki Yagami detective and a series of mysterious murders. Toshihiro Nagoshi (名越 稔洋), explains that the game is “about a detective with a lot of actions and mysteries”. Players will have to solve different cases in the game.

In the new trailers include an extended story trailer which reveals more on the game’s detective crime-solving story and an extended gameplay trailer which will show more of the game’s combat and various tasks that players will have to do to solve the different murders and track down suspects.

Extended Story Trailer

Extended Gameplay Trailer

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