Honkai Impact 1st Anniversary Celebrations and Schicksal Battle!

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Honkai Impact 3 (SEA) celebrates their first anniversary! Asides from a variety of in-game celebrations, Schicksal Battle will also be introduced to the game!

<<Official Honkai Impact 3 Press Release>>

It’s the 1st anniversary of Honkai Impact 3, and the Schicksal Battle is finally here!

Honkai Impact 3, the 3D action mobile game developed by miHoYo, has just released a new version update. Aptly named Schicksal Battle, the update includes a new S-rank battlesuit [Sixth Serenade] for Kallen and A-rank battlesuit [Night Squire] for Fu Hua. A new Extra Chapter for Fu Hua is also available. Join Fu Hua in her adventures to unearth buried memories of forgotten friends and stories…

Kallen’s S-rank battlesuit [Sixth Serenade] and Fu Hua’s A-rank battlesuit [Night Squire] limited-time Expansion Supply is now available! No Fu Hua or Kallen fan should miss this!

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◆ S-rank battlesuit [Sixth Serenade]: Souls to awaken Divine Prayer. Psychic-type melee character. Able to apply Mark of the Raven to the enemies, which deals Ice DMG.

◆ A-rank battlesuit [Night Squire]: Creature Type melee character. Specially designed for melee battles, it can launch dazzling combo attacks once its full potential is tapped.

Tons of awesome anniversary rewards!

Anniversary Memories: Brand new experience and story!

During the Anniversary event, Captains may visit various parts of Soukai City on fun and engaging dates with their Valkyries to complete a personal and wonderful [Anniversary Memories].

Take part in the Bingo event to get free coins, crystals, Trinity Crystal Shard, Night Squire Fragments, Fu Hua Outing (B), Fu Hua · Night Squire’s exclusive 4★ outfit [Spring Traveler], Kiana: Summer Surf (T), Theresa: Summer Surf (M) and Himeko: Summer Surf (B)!

Story Chapter 8: [Will of the Herrscher] Now Available

Kiana has been taken prisoner. Theresa forged an alliance with Anti-Entropy and readied her forces to assault Schicksal HQ and rescue the young Valkyrie. Will the plan to rescue Kiana succeed?

Beach Dorms

The brand new [Beach Vacation]-themed dorms have been released! Take part in the Anniversary events to unlock the all-new oceanfront Beach Dorms for a raving beach party with your Valkyries.

[Equipment Updates]

New Weapons: [Tranquil Arias], [Alpha Wolves]
Show off your muscles in the Honkai War, Captains!

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