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Kanawanu Koi No Musubikata

Kanawanu Koi No Musubikata (叶わぬ恋の結び方;KKNM) is a 2018 BL release from earlier in the year but has already reached its completion as of September. Though with only six chapter released within this story that was released in early 2018, it still managed to convey the same emotions a twenty-chapter story would.

This particular BL manga is a spin-off to Akai Ito Shikkou Yuuyo, which was released in 2016. Both manga are created by Yoshio Akira (吉尾アキラ). KKNM follows the similar concept of “The Red String of Fate” its originator did. This makes for every interesting and heart-warming, yet heart-wrenching story.

We have our two main characters, one who is in the business of cutting the red string of fate, and one who falls for the string cutter who apparently has no string himself. An interesting story and plot is developed through this concept that leaves the reader both angry yet sympathetic towards our poor string cutter. It’s one of those BL manga in which you wish to quite literally slap some sense into the Uke and tell him to go to his love. So if you are ready to hear a full review that goes through the characters, story concept, and few other interesting things, then you have come to the right place.

Plot Overview

Kanawanu Koi No Musubikata

We aren’t here to spoil the entire plot for you, but we are here to give you enough juicy bits and details to entice you to give this story a try. Kaoru Kamisawa possesses the ability to see the red string of fate of other people. He makes a living off of his ability in which he knows how to severe that exact string when clients call upon him to do so.

That is until he stumbles upon a…different client. A client who had fallen for him, Hara-san. Kaoru had always believed and followed the rules of fate as he did his job, but as Hara-san came into his life those rules were starting to get cast aside. Kaoru insists that he cannot work out with Hara-san simply because fate does not allow it, but in truth it is because he is scared. Scared of loving someone, and becoming hurt by the person he has come to love, the person he ignored fate for.


■ Kaoru Kamisawa

Kanawanu Koi No Musubikata

Kaoru in the beginning comes off as a mischievous little devil who only likes to play when it benefits him to his personal needs, or just on his own whim. He keeps up a very convincing lie that he does not need love or cannot love because his string of fate has no connection. Well that lie is only convincing to everyone but Hara-san and himself. Though he is able to learn, that no matter how he may be afraid of the pain loving someone can inflict, he too deserves to decide his own path for love.

■ Hara-San

Kanawanu Koi No Musubikata

Hara-san is our sweet, kind, and ever loving character within this story that has come to love a boy who believes he does not need love. He shows no hesitation toward his emotions to Kaoru, for he wants hims to know he accepts him as he is, which eventually leads him to being sex buddies. But with that he is able to work his way into the boy’s heart by wearing his own heart and emotions on his sleeve.

■ Kakeru Kamisawa

Kanawanu Koi No Musubikata

Though his appearances within the story were quite brief, we still have the honor of seeing a character that helps set the lovers on the right path. And who may this special character be? Kaoru’s own brother! Kakeru is shown to have deep concern and care for his younger, as he always says that he is worried about his brother within the story. It pains him when his brother is in such an emotional rut and there is nothing he can do to help him. Well that is until he bumps into Hara-san, and learns exactly how he can help his little brother better.

The Red String of Fate Concept

Kanawanu Koi No Musubikata

According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way. In most cases, this myth symbolizes the idea of the fated person you are supposed to spend your life with. Often, in Japanese and Korean culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger.

With this concept being utilized within the story, the reader gets to read something that breaks the norm. In most cases we all read BL manga that follows the same concept in which two characters who fall in love together are truly meant to be together because of fates. However in KKNM we see the exact opposite. Neither of our beloved characters are connected to another person, but that also means they are not connected to one another, breaking the normal plotline of destiny bringing them together because they were meant to be. They have to go against their fate to get what truly want, not what they were destined to have.

Kanawanu Koi No Musubikata

KKNM is in all honesty a nice and sweet story despite the fact that it is a short spin off story. The narrative is complete enough to not make it looks like a spin-off that you can’t understand without any context. The characters are well-developed enough to make it short but neat. If you are not looking for some quick reads, this must be the one for you!

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