Capcom Confirms Live-Action Mega Man Film

Mr. Qoo

Today (4th October) Capcom confirmed the first ever Live-Action Hollywood Film for Mega Man (Rockman). The film will be titled MEGA MAN and will be written and directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the duo behind 2016’s Nerve.

In the official announcement, Capcom states that they aim to “appeal to a diverse audience, including not only game players but action movie fans as well, with an adaptation that maintains the world of the Mega Man games, while incorporating the grand production and entertainment value that Hollywood movies are known for.”

This year, Mega Man celebrates their 30th Anniversary this year, asides from the recent release of Mega Man 11 (Rockman 11), earlier this year the series also started airing a new animated series titled Mega Man: Fully Charged which has had mixed reviews. Hopefully, the Live-Action film will do better

Official Announcement

Rockman 30th Anniversary Special Museum at Tokyo Game Show 2018

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