Azur Lane Crosswave Official Website Launched Game Set for 2019

Mr. Qoo PS4

Compile Heart has launched the official website for their upcoming PS4 game adaptation of Azur Lane, Azur Lane Crosswave. The official website reveals that the game is expected for 2019.


Crosswave is a single player third person shooter made primarily by Felistella. Different from the mobile game where everything is 2D, Crosswave features new 3D environments and 3D characters.

Azur Lane Crosswaves will revolve around a joint training that involves the different factions, Ironblood, Sakura Empire, Union, and Royal. Fans can expect to see all their favorite fleet girls as well as new fleet girls that have never been seen before!

碧藍航線 Crosswave

碧藍航線 Crosswave


Official Site

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