Hunter x Hunter Greed Adventure 6-Day Limited Open Beta Starts Now

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Today (4th October), Bandai Namco launched their 6-day Android open beta for the upcoming Hunter x Hunter mobile game, Hunter x Hunter Greed Adventures.


The open beta will be run until 9th October 18:00 JST. All save data will be wiped after the data. Beta players will be able to play the first 5 chapters of the game, Hunter Exam arc, Zoldyck Family arc, Heaven’s Arena arc, and the Phantom Troupe arc.



Pre-Registration Rewards Extended

Following the game reaching over 150,000 pre-registered players, a new pre-registration milestone for 200,000 pre-registered players! Reaching the new milestone will reward players with an additional 120 G Stone.

50,000: 120x G Stone (CLEARED)
100,000: 120x G Stone + 10,000 Jenny (CLEARED)
150,000: 160x G Stone + EXP Up Materials (S) x30 + EXP Card (A) x3 (CLEARED)
200,000: 120x G Stone

Prologue Trailer

About the Game

Hunter x Hunter Greed Adventures is set after the Greed Island arc when Gon cleared Greed Island. Under the influence of the Hunter Association, Greed Island evolved, becoming Greed Island 2 (G.I.2) What will this evolution bring? Additionally, the game will also have flashbacks to scenes from the series.

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