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If you are a BL manga fanatic and have been keeping up with the big news this fall, then you are well aware of the anime adaptation of Yarichin Bitch Club (ヤリチン☆ビッチ部;YBC). For those who have no idea of the release and the manga in general, then prepare to fall into a rather interesting rabbit hole.

Yarin Bitch Club

YBC was released in the summer of 2012, by the author who goes by the name of Ogeretsu Tanaka (おげれつたなか). The manga is currently ongoing and is in fact going into its third volume, and with high enthusiasm as well due to the anime release. YBC is one of the few yaoi series that allow the lewd aspects to be presented front and center of the story and still maintain a name for itself, since most yaoi manga don’t get as much attention when they portray that part of the story stronger than sometimes the story itself.

But somehow this particular manga was able to sweep up its fan base and earn enough popularity and demand for a show to be released, which we all know is very difficult for even the most popular BL manga out there. So to fujoshi and fundashi alike, if you like the anime, don’t forget to give the manga a shot!

Manga Overview

There is an all-boys boarding school deep in the mountains where love blossoms, matures, unfolds. Despite the brimming sexual desire, it’s a story that will for sure hook you in whether it be the lewd promiscuous antics of the photography club, or the seedlings of beautiful love stories.

Yarin Bitch Club

First year Toono transfers from Tokyo to the said boarding school, “Mori Moori Private School.” The friendly Yaguchi who calls out to him becomes his only friend, but due to his dislike of sports he soon makes the decision to join the most laid-back looking photography club instead of Yaguchi’s soccer club. However, the photography club is in name only, and is actually nicknamed the “Yarichin Bitch Club,” filled with some rather outgoing and fun loving seniors.

Contrary to the troubled Toono, Kajima – the guy who joined the club at the same time – is completely unfazed and even confesses to Toono. Toono himself thinks Yaguchi is cute, but Yaguchi finds himself blushing around Kajima and of course some ~stuff~ happens.

Of course there are many more juicy bits and details throughout the entire manga, but what fun would that be to spoil the fun now and reveal them here when you should go and give it a read for yourself.


■ Takashi Toono

Yarin Bitch Club

One of our main characters within the story. Takashi is probably dubbed the most logical thinking and probably the only sane of the boys within the photography club. He is one of the awkward ones out of the bunch of boys, and is constantly flat out rejecting and refusing his fellow male classmates advancements for sexual acts. Just one average boy one might say.

■ Yuu Kashima

Yarin Bitch Club

Another one of our main characters within this BL story. Kashima comes from a large family, being the third of five siblings, and being raised in a large environment he hates to be alone. He is very popular with other students because of his charismatic personality and talent in sports.

■ Kyousuke Yaguchi

Yarin Bitch Club

The last of our three main characters. Kyousuke portrays himself as a friendly and cheerful guy who gets along with everyone as seen with Takashi Toono and several other background characters. Yaguchi, has always been envious of Toono because he always manages to like everyone, and for a long time he has lived pretending to be someone who is not in order to be someone like his cousin Kashima. Kyousuke in reality is arrogant, detached, grumpy, and harsh. Looking down on people who will trust anyone with a fake smile as gullible and stupid. In other words, a real two face.

■ Itsuki Shikatani

Yarin Bitch Club

One of our seniors within the club and a part of our supporting cast as well. Here we have your textbook germaphobe, that is…unless it comes to sex. Then he throws all fears of germs and inhibitions out the window for personal and physical desire.

■ Keiichi Akemi

Yarin Bitch Club

Don’t let appearances fool you when it comes to Keiichi, another member of our supporting cast. Sure he looks soft and innocent on the outside right? But lying underneath the surface is something completely opposite. Try and compare him to a bishie uke who unexpectedly turns out to a bishie seme. In some ways you could say he acts like a child who, in reality, is dirty minded and such. He’s often dominant, or “tachi” as they call it, especially with Itome, his boyfriend.

■ Koshiro Itome

Yet another trap….not that kind of trap! Itome, based on his outward appearance, looks like a well reserved and quiet person – which is actually quite true. He doesn’t show much emotion, unless its toward his loving boyfriend Akemi. And thus their roles in their sexual relationship is reversed. Itome’s relationship offers a refreshing and nosebleed worthy twist on the roles of who looks and acts the part of the seme and uke.

■ Ayato Yuri

Yarin Bitch Club

Here we have the infamous Ayato. Ayato is a sex-maniac who at first glance appears to be stupid, idiotic, childish, and inappropriate. But even despite behaving in an unintelligent manner, Ayato is actually one of the most intelligent students at Mori Mori High, scoring highest in the school’s ranking. To those interested in other things besides his intelligence, Ayato is displayed as a seke within the story, not really minding what position he plays during sexual acts.

■ Yui Tamura

Yarin Bitch Club

Tamura likes to disgust people in various ways, finding it quite humorous. He often can’t properly express his thoughts and emotions to other people which leads him to end up saying the exact opposite of what he wants or means to say, thus ruining the moment. So in a way you can say he is actually quite emotionally inept.

■ Toru Fujisaki

Yarin Bitch Club

Fujisaki has a low voice and is quite shy compared to the others in the story at school. This side of him is accentuated best when he is close to Yuri. He blushes and hides from him like a love-struck school girl, preferring instead to observe him. Fujisaki describes himself as someone simple, serious and unpleasant, never says anything interesting, and has no friends. All in all the sweet boy seems to be one who needs help to break his shell and expand.

Now that you have gotten an intense taste of what this yaoi has to offer through its story and its characters, and the anime is very tempting, right? The manga is jam packed with interesting characters of all kinds of archetypes, meaning there is a boy in there for everyone to enjoy. No interest or type is left out in this story, that’s for sure. 

Of course, we will also look at the anime and see if it lives up to the manga’s reputation. Stay tuned!

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