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Dekoboko Sugar Days

Talk about a cute and bubbly new release! Dekoboko Sugar Days (凸凹シュガーデイズ) was released in late September by the author who goes by the name Atsuko Yusen (湯煎 温子). Like most new releases this one sort of fell out from thin air. We are also gifted with some interesting twists that are rarely played out in the yaoi world of manga. The art is also another whole topic on itself, dynamic kawaii vibes in all its glory!

If you are looking for something sweet, pure and cute, this manga is absolutely made for you!


As per usual the stage is set with two childhood friends, Matsukaze Yuujirou (or just simply Yuu) and Hanamine Rui. When Yuu first met Rui, he saw a small, helpless, and adorable being he wanted to protect at all costs. Those dreams of his first love were shattered when he realized Rui was a boy, who was commonly mistaken to be a girl all the time. As they grew up, the two ended up being neighbors, as well as getting into the same high school. Though Rui seemed to do more of the growing out of the two.

Dekoboko Sugar Days

Yuu is somewhat in a position where he is both self-conscious and very conflicted. Self-conscious because of the fact that the cute and bubbly Rui seemed to grow taller than him, therefore crushing his manly self esteem. And conflicted because, even though he may have said his first love died when he found out Rui’s true gender, his thoughts and responses say a whole different story. Yuu tenses up and grows jealous at just the thought of Rui being close with anyone, and gets turned on, or just blushes madly because of Rui’s face. The poor boy is essentially stuck in a crossroads, one in which he must overcome his insecurities and also accept his sexuality.

Dekoboko Sugar Days

Main Characters

■ Matsukaze Yuujirou

Dekoboko Sugar Days

This dark haired devil most definitely falls into the grand category of a Tsundere. He struggles with his personal insecurity of being average height which he considers too short. Without much thought, he desires to be taller because of Rui. He is quick to deny his personal emotions and desires as well.

■ Hanamine Rui

Dekoboko Sugar Days

This tall glass of pure blonde cuteness is Rui! He is the definition of sweet good vibes. He has a habit of following Yuu when outside of class, and treats him differently than others. It’s quite obvious from the get go that Yuu is who Rui cares for most and is interested in. He is sweet through and through right to his core, but he can be a bit dense sometimes. His innocent bubbly nature also makes much room for him to be quite naive.

Art Style

Dekoboko Sugar Days

There is just something about this author’s art style that calls out and screams, CUTENESS. It can mainly be observed when you see the cover art and when you see panels of Rui. He is drawn with such a soft and angelic aura, and that pans out throughout the chapter. Even though the entire chapter is not exactly all bubbles, rainbows, and flowers, it still carries a cute theme in the art. The cute art in all honesty helps convey and compliments the humor of the story (especially the face Yuu has when he first meets Rui as a child). If the plot alone doesn’t draw you to read the manga, the art style should be able to!

Overall Dekoboko Sugar Days is a cute, casual read that may go very serious. Just think, we still don’t know who is the canon uke and seme within in the story! Wouldn’t it be a fun sweet twist if it turned out to be Rui? Even more of a reason for you to read and stay updated with this particular manga!


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