Crown Four Kingdom Global Version Pre-Registration Begins

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Following a successful launch in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, X-Legend launches the pre-registration for the global version of their mobile MMORPG game, Crown Four Kingdoms! Find out more in the official press release below.

<<Official Crown Four Kingdoms Press Release>>

The 3-dimensional anime-style Kingdom War MMORPG, “Crown Four Kingdoms”, developed by X-Legend Entertainment, published in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan App Stores with outstanding performances, is going global in full English! Pre-registration for the global version is now open.

Amongst 4 large kingdoms, players must choose a kingdom to lend their powers to. Embark on a journey in a magical world, while at the same time establish an empire, gain power, and obtain victories through Kingdom Wars. Pick a class to start out with amongst the 4 large classes: Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, and Wizard. Advanced classes will be unlocked upon completion through corresponding quests. Developers have also posted today an English introduction and class video of “Crown Four Kingdoms” for players to understand more about it.

Teaser Trailer

Class Trailer

The development team claims for “Crown Four Kingdoms” to be based heavily on roleplaying and war between kingdoms. Players can feel how it is like to be part of different kingdoms and to help their kingdoms grow through establishing the empire, participating in Kingdom Wars, and completing quests to gain devotion points in order to rank up their Lord levels. Besides everything listed above, players also have a variety of Heroes to choose from, life skills, guild territory, Apprenticeship system, and much more to look forward to! Details will be announced on a later date.

Because X-Legend’s previous game that went global, “Aura Kingdom”, received outstanding results and was enjoyed deeply by international players, X-Legend Entertainment is eager to bring even more games to the global market. “Crown Four Kingdoms” will be available around the globe in App Stores during the winter season.

Pre-registration events for “Crown Four Kingdoms” is now open for both Android and iOS. Head over to the pre-registration website and pre-register to get rewards and free Gems, and the more people that register, the better the rewards! Rewards will be redeemable after the game goes live.

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