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Torokeru Kuchibiru

This week’s review is Torokeru Kuchibiru (とろけるくちびる), a late October release published by the author who goes by the name of Takasaki Bosco (高崎ぼすこ). This fast paced story gets the ball rolling right at the beginning of the story, not leaving much time for the reader to grasp what exactly is happening within the manga. Though it’s a bit too rushed, it does make for an interesting read considering the two main characters fall into each others lives by complete and utter coincidence. The mannerism and behavior the seme displays within the story makes the atmosphere all the more hotter, which in reality is in no way, shape, or form bad for a yaoi story. If you want to know what’s past the surface of this first impression on this new release, then sit back and keep reading!


Torokeru Kuchibiru

We are first introduced to Aihara. He seems to work for a designer company and has his life all in order, all without a worry or a care in a world. Yet he has so much, it still seems he is unable to to grasp what he wants due to his work life. He is often told he focuses on his job too much. Though he has had partners, both male and female, none seem to have stayed around. At least that is until he stumbles into the lap of Riku Amemiya, a famous actor in the story. After that fated night in the alley, it’s almost as if Riku was glued to Aihara, and he doesn’t seem to have any intentions of coming loose any time soon.

After their fated meeting in the alley, Aihara soon learns the two will be working together, and that sends the poor guy into a spiral, considering when the two met the previous night he was drunk and insulted the actor. But Riku is only overly amused and makes it very clear after the night before, he has intentions to sleep Aihara as well as make him fall in love with him.

Torokeru Kuchibiru

Though Aihara doesn’t deny being the type of man to sleep around as he pleases, he is not one to boast about it and actually initially rejects Riku’s advances onto him due to him actually being a responsible person, by trying to keep his sexual life and his work life separate…but hat doesn’t last for quite long.


■ Aihara

Torokeru Kuchibiru

This man is on top of the world. He has all he wants, yet not all he needs. Aihara is shown to represent an almost empty feeling he has harbors within him due to the fact he is unable to hold down a partner, actually start a meaningful relationship, and move onto the next step in his life. Instead, he is sleeping around, going to host bars, and just trying to live the life of a bachelor as long as he can. He is well aware that in his heart doesn’t want it to always be this way. He yearns for something special.

■ Riku

Torokeru Kuchibiru

Let’s just say this cocky actor knows that if he wants something, he will get it without objection and without questions. On the surface he seems to be sweet and respectful. But when alone with Aihara, that attitude completely transforms. Almost comparable to a lustful demon. He more than likely doesn’t take no for an answer once his eyes are set on somethings he wants.

Source: Author’s Twitter

From what is in the first chapter, this manga looks a bit rushed. It is still nice to read, but it could have so much more potential, if it was given more than one chapter to develop the characters relationship, or rather awareness of one another. Thirty-eight pages just don’t seem like enough to properly portray that sort of development. But with the rushed elements set aside, it is in fact a steamy story for fujoshi and fudanshi to enjoy, and certain pages within the chapter make sure that this manga does not disappoint.

It would be interesting to see if the author has something more thought out and well balanced to counter the first chapter, but only time will answer that question as we await more . It truly is tough to say whether or not this first chapter first impression could foreshadow the pace of the story in later updates, but I suppose the idea of what is to come next and waiting does keep a reader on their toes enough to want a little more.


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