No IP = No Success? Bandai Namco's LayereD Stories 0 Shuts Down in Just a Year!

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Bandai Namco’s original mobile game title, LayereD Stories 0, has announced that the game will shut down on 8th January 2019.

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The game was released on 7th December 2017. The game has a rating for 4.2 on QooApp. From launch to end, LayereD Stories 0 will have run for approximately a year and a month. This is one of the rare original IPs created by Bandai Namco on Mobile. Despite the high ratings on QooApp, it seems the game isn’t performing as well as the company expected. Could it be that making spin-off games of popular series is the only way to go?

About the Game

The main feature of the game is the combination of anime, game, and RPG elements. The project is almost completely created by fans and volunteer groups, from Character Designs, Voice Acting, Illustrations, and even the theme song.

Players can participate in “scramble battle” in Story mode and Event Battle. The game also has an “Alterna Rank” is where players can get compete against one another and climb up in the world ranking.

Additionally, the game was included in our QooApp 2017 Best Game of The Year list. Full list here.


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